Smart city Solution

Smart city Solution

NEC Smart City solutions support cities as they evolve

Cities continuously evolve. First comes the stage of construction and development, followed by the introduction of facilities that enrich people’s lives. Then growth decelerates and new challenges arise, requiring cities to redefine themselves and undergo a continuous cycle of renewal and redevelopment.

At NEC, we help cities flexibly respond to challenges that arise during each stage of development. Our Smart City solutions are designed to enable high-quality urban living over many generations while contributing to a comfortable, eco-friendly environment.

Rather than pursue rigid solutions optimized to meet projected needs only, we offer flexible infrastructure solutions designed to keep developers and residents ahead of the curve by evolving in response to the ever-changing needs of cities.

How do cities evolve?

NEC defines city evolution as a three-stage process consisting of Growth, Maturation and Reconstruction stages.

During the Growth stage, a city’s infrastructure develops rapidly in response to industrial growth and a rising population. To a large degree, quantity is prioritized over quality.

In the Maturation stage, growth stabilizes and residents seek a higher standard of living by purchasing higher quality goods and services, moving to the suburbs, etc. Quality is prioritized over quantity during this phase.

During the Reconstruction stage, mature cities undergo renewal to maintain services and enable further development. These cities collaborate with other cities to meet new challenges. They also redevelop to satisfy the changing expectations of residents, who may otherwise relocate.